Our Barn Gets a Facelift

Last year our coverall barn cover ripped! It was a tragedy as the roof is what keeps our cows dry and covered and this roof isn’t exactly easy or cheap to fix. This barn is home to our milking cows.

Well after months of trying to get it repaired we finally have a roof that is completely repaired and the barn is looking great!

The entire roof was replaced in two pieces as you can see above. This bright white cover is a treat to see when you approach our farm! The one end features a mesh covering allowing the air to work its way through and we will be adding fans down the center of the barn to improve air flow even more. The other end is a solid cover with two fans to pull the air flow through the barn!

New Barn Roof 2   New Barn Roof 3

The barn was finished on Friday just in time to be my best birthday gift yet! We are so happy to have a cover that isn’t torn and that looks beautiful too! One project checked off our list 278 to go!


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