Oh Happy Day!

Our two year old daughter loves birthdays. It doesn’t matter if it is her birthday or not the moment you say Happy Birthday she instantly says, “my happy day.”

So today, when Nora got up I was prepping her to say “Happy Birthday Daddy” but instantly that went downhill and suddenly it was her birthday. She wanted birthday cake and wanted to go play with new toys. Sigh. I tried. Luckily she did mutter a quiet “happy birthday daddy” which was quickly followed by “it’s my happy day”. Daddy is pretty good with sharing his happy day with his little princess even if her birthday is 6 months away, so the day has continued just like it might really be her happy day.

Since Nora isn’t doing her part in celebrating her daddy, I guess I need to do the honors.

Happy Birthday to my dear husband! He is the everyday caregiver to our cows and farm, the fun and silly dad who will jump on the trampoline, the father who knows that a quick part runs with children in tow will rack up points with both daughter and mommy, and the one who can make me laugh when the farm bills are piling up or the work load seems to high. This man who turns 30 today gives himself selflessly day in and day out for our family and our farm. Thank you for being you and today and everyday we wish you a “Happy Day to You!”



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