Learning to embrace each season of life

This past winter I was asked to write an article for Progressive Dairyman for the HERd Management feature of the magazine. I agonized over what to write because to be 100% honest I have had to step away from the day to day physical labor on our farm after the birth of our second child. I could not be a help to our farm when I was wrangling two kiddos in the midst of winter. I am hoping that will change as spring arrives. Read my transparent story here about how I have learned to embrace each season of life.

Please remember that I pour my heart and soul into my work and it’s not that I don’t think that women can do it all, I work for Dairy Girl Network after all. I know we are superwoman but for me I have had to learn to embrace this season of life. To appreciate all things, to love the season and to know that I can tell my story too.



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