Why I Decided to Start Blogging

About five years ago I first felt the need to blog. But doubt and confidence kept me at bay.

Today I have decided to finally started to blog because of two major issues I have discovered.

The first is that many individuals do not know what a cow is, why we have them on our farm, or where milk actually comes from. A few weeks ago we had local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts at our farm for a farm tour. The parents had as many questions about the animals and milk as the kids did. And the parents really wanted to learn about our cows and why we choose to farm. It’s simple we love what we do, we love our cows and we love providing milk for you!

My second reason is a bit larger than the first. It is because of anti-agriculture comments and companies that post negative claims about farming.

I promise you that as dairy farmers, we work hard everyday to give our cows the best care we can. Which includes treating them with antibiotics or other medicine when they are sick. But those animals never have milk that enters the milk tank and never head to slaughter before they the withdraw period is up.

And remember I am also a mother, wife and cook who feeds my family and our farm help. I in fact feel 100% comfortable feeding my daughter the meat that we raise on our farm or buy in the grocery store, any of the vegetable, fruits or foods that we grow in the summer or purchase in store, and would happily give her our milk from our cows if it was pasteurized. But since we can’t pasteurize it we buy our milk at the grocery store just like you. Pasteurization is simply the process that kills bacteria if it exists in the milk and extends shelf life of milk. However, there is absolutely no antibiotics or anything else to worry about in your milk or foods. Learn more about Why Milk is Pasteurized here.

Do you believe me when I say that ALL meat and dairy products are safe? You should! I am one of the farmers supplying these products for you! If you have questions you can ask me or visit Ask The Farmers.

This is why I started to blog – to keep you informed on the truth of your foods and to share my life, my cows and my farm with you!

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