Two Bouncing Baby Boys

Sorry things have been quiet around here for the last few weeks but we’ve been busy with a newborn in our home and lots of newborns on the farm, including one well anticipated calf!

Just over two weeks ago we welcomed our son, Landon into the world! He is perfect and a blessing for our whole family. He is healthy and seems happy, and his big sister Nora is loving him. We are lacking in the sleep department quite a bit but loving this baby stage once again. It’s hard to remember the baby stage so it’s full of surprises once again for us and each day is a challenge with two kiddos!

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You may recall when I announced our pregnancy with a blog post – Two Babies Arriving in September. It wasn’t just me due in September, but one of our favorite cows, Telegram, cow #120 was due the day after I was due. We weren’t the only one expecting but it was fun to follow along my pregnancy with that of a cow! I then updated you with another post – FINALLY An Update on the Babies Arriving in September. I had fun following along with Telegram’s pregnancy and will follow up soon with a final post about both of our pregnancies in the final weeks!

Well Telegram finally had her calf and it too was a boy! So we have two bouncing baby boys to raise on our farm. The calf is just a week old and loving his life filled with milk, milk, and more milk! We still haven’t named the bull (boy) calf but his name will start with a T! I look forward to watching him grow with Landon. We don’t usually keep our bull calves we sell them to local farmer who raises them, but this one is a special calf out of one of our favorite cows so he is going to stay around for awhile.


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