This Lady is Turning 30

Well it’s hard to believe but this lady who was born weighing 4 lbs. 4 oz. on my parent’s living room floor is turning 30 on Friday! That line contains 0 lies. You can’t joke about a monumental birthday or a crazy birth story like that! I am a tax day baby but don’t worry I still have to worry about taxes just like you!

Turning 30 is making me retrospective and maybe a bit sentimental on everything lately, maybe that’s just the pregnancy speaking. But I am definitely counting my blessings instead of worrying about my age! I have a supportive husband, beautiful daughter and an impending baby and most days I don’t feel 30! We have a roof over our head, land under our feet and cows to fill our barns. Life is pretty special so I am not worrying about this whole age thing and instead trying to enjoy life!

So as I count down my final days left in my 20s I hope you too are enjoying your life no matter what age you are!

I saw a saying this week that read “If by 30 you mean “more awesome” than yes I am about to turn 30!” That’s my line for this week!

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