Springtime Happenings

Well the time has come (actually it’s been happening but I haven’t had time to report on it) to prepare our fields for corn and soybeans and to mow 1st cutting of alfalfa and grass hay. The spring season is a busy season for us as we prepare our equipment and land for spring planting. It’s so vital to our business as the crops we plant are the feeds that nourish and sustain our cows each year!

We spend hours preparing the soil with plowing, application of fertilizer and discing before we can plant our corn or soybean seeds into the ground. In total, we will be planting and harvesting 220 acres of corn and 120 acres of soybeans for the 2016 season.

IMG_6902 IMG_7079

Discing on the left and planting corn on the right. 

Now it’s not just corn and soybeans around here we also mow alfalfa and grass to make haylage and round bales which also nourish our cows! Today is the day we start with 1st cutting of hay! Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy raking hay and having a chopper or round baler create the final product.

1230001_10200495708747456_2072621762_n 10628182_10202677576852795_7047974288896878191_n 2015-09-16 21.28.03

Mowing grass hay on the left, raking hay in the center and chopping haylage in 2015 at right. 

Despite this busy time we still have to make time for our family so one afternoon Nora and I joined Clayton and Emory in the tractor and enjoyed a few moments together planting corn. Yes, the dog is spoiled and goes everywhere with Clayton, well except for lazy days when she needs a rest from all that hard work and sleeps on our couch!

  IMG_7117   IMG_7116

Nora, myself, Emory and Clayton are packed in the overfull tractor at left. Nora greets Daddy at right, she was ready for a ride!

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