New Year Resolutions and Reflections on the Past

One of my dear friends and college roommates works for Progressive Dairyman. A few months ago I was telling her that I was going to start blogging and would be interested in the Dairy HERd Management feature they have each month in the magazine. She asked me a few months later if I would be interested in writing the January 1st feature. Eeekkk I didn’t expect to be asked that soon and not for such a significant one at that. But I went ahead and agreed and starting writing.

It took me several tries to realize that I had to be brutally honest here. Farming is not an easy task and as we were coming to a close on our first year as owners of the dairy operation on our own, owners of a new LLC, owners of 400+ cattle and all the while raising our daughter, I realized I had to put it all there. The good, the bad and the ugly.

So please read this article that was featured in Progressive Dairyman and remember that I am putting it all out there. I haven’t publicly talked about our home being robbed twice in 2015, the struggles we faced with losing cows and battling health challenges within the herd, the financial burdens of low milk prices. or the challenges of being dairy farmers and parents, but now that these things are out there I will talk about them more!

Thank you and please enjoy this article.  HERd management: New Year resolutions and reflections on the past



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