Meet Our Ladies

On our farm, Kenny Jersey Farm, we have Jersey cattle which are the petite brown dairy cattle. Take a look at the cows pictured above, that’s what our cows look like. Typically when you say a dairy cow, people think automatically of a Holstein, the black and white spotted cows. We love these cows like pets, however, they are more than pets, they are our farm and our families livelihood.

On our dairy farm we have 200 milking cows and 160 heifers and calves that call our farm home. We milk the cows twice a day, feed the heifers and cows several times each day, and care for all of the animals in so many ways including home visits and vaccinations from their doctors (aka the veterinarian) and monthly pedicures from the hoof trimmers! It is like they all live in a 5-star bed and breakfast and we are their hosts. Each of our cows has a name, a registration paper (think of it as a birth certificate) and are LOVED by us.

I’ll tell you more about all of these areas as the blogging continues. If you have questions about the care of our cattle, concerns or questions, please contact me! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing our stories with you.



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