Let Them Be Little

There is nothing better than watching the kids you love explore, learn and enjoy time with each other. There is a sense of self-discovery, learning and cooperation that you witness. There is a bond that is formed and relationships that are developing.

As I watched my nephews and daughter explore at the Penn State campus this fall I was in awe of the wonder in their eyes. We visited The Arboretum at Penn State and Childhood Gate’s Children’s Garden (a must see if on campus) with my family while in State College and the kids soaked in every minute of the experience.

There was an amazement in their eyes as they played music, discovered the rocks, water and statues of animals. There was even a time for us parents and grandparents to think of the wonder as we saw the remarkable “Parker” Caterpillar who was dedicated in memory of the patriarch of a family from our community.

I am excited to see what the future holds for these cousins as they become entomologists, farmers, agronomists, scientists, teachers, astronauts, mechanics or whatever they choose. But, while I love to think of their future and what it holds. I hope these kids don’t grow up too fast. I hope that they are able to stay little forever and be this curious as they discovery themselves and life.

Their future is something to look forward to and it might even include the lawn of the university they are on in this photo. But for now, let’s let them be little.



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