I am Sorry It’s Been Too Long

Well, I don’t know how to say this but I am been failing slacking in all areas of my life. That is going to change today… ok tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow!

So, why do I choose tomorrow for such an instrumental change… Well that’s because tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the years, it’s June 1st which means we get to kick off June is Dairy Month and it’s also World Milk Day!

You may ask me why I feel like I am slacking… well let’s ask all moms if they ever feel like they are failing and hopefully they will all say yes. The past few months have taken longer than I thought to settle into a rhythm with two kids, a husband, a farm, a home, and too many jobs to count! I’ll admit I am being too hard on myself because my children are healthy and happy, my husband is well-fed, our farm is thriving and my careers are going well. I am on my way back up, it just isn’t all as smooth as it looks on the outside.

I am so sorry I have abandoned you here on my blog, but things have been crazy like I described above and I have been trying to be more present in the days that I have with my children and husband. I am been focusing on myself too and not pleasing everyone else. I also haven’t felt inspired but that changes today.

Starting tomorrow I will kick off another year of 30 Days of Dairy (here was last year’s) where I will post a new recipe to my blog each day of June. So my kitchen and oven have been a little busy and no one is hungry in this house but I have a long way to go to make it to 30 new recipes to share with you. No they aren’t like I created them “new” but they are new to this page! Some are recipes I made for the first time myself.

Thank you for following along on this journey with me and I look forward to revamping this blog and my life starting tomorrow!

All my love, Renee

Kenny-101 Kenny-123

And since I haven’t shared photos in awhile, here are our pride and joys!

All photos by the wonderful Elaina Eppinger Photography!



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