Happy Birthday to My Father

Today is a special day! It should be a national holiday. My Dad is celebrating his birthday and I want to wish him a happy day!

But even if it was a national holiday he wouldn’t get the day off, so I guess we will just celebrate like normal with a FaceTime call.

Happy Birthday to my father, the one who taught me to love farming and support all agriculture, the one who gave me his love and compassion towards animals and the one who pushed me to see what was outside of our farm. He’s also the one who taught me a bedtime snack of ice cream or popcorn are necessary nearly every night and that a sense of humor is key to survival. He taught me to never give up and to always support what you believe in. Guess what folks, that’s why I am a farmer and an agvocate who speaks up about our life and our farm!

For many farm daughters, like myself, their fathers play a key role in their life as they learn from them and watch them work on the farm. For me that is no different. I grew up watching my grandfather, father and uncle work hard everyday to build their farm and herd into what it is today. I’m tremendously proud of my parents, my family and my farm.

So today I just needed to let my Dad how much he means to me and to share him with you too! He’s a pretty awesome, funny and loving guy!

Happy Birthday DAD! Glad you are celebrating your day the way you celebrate every other day with the cows and family.

And these photos are throwback photos because it turns out I don’t have photos with my Dad. That’s got to change!

1st show year





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