Everyday is the Lottery for Farmers

I have been hearing a lot about the Powerball lately. I mean it is now up to 1.3 billion, who hasn’t heard?!?! Even those of us that live the majority of our day in a barn have heard!

The other day my husband and I got to thinking about how the lottery is much like our everyday life. Farming is essentially like playing the lottery. We draw a number for milk prices, another for feed price, watch the markets and pray for weather (whether it be rain or sunshine). And in the end we just pray our numbers are drawn and that we have fighting chance.

Here is a photo I put together the other day to demonstrate the similarity. You can find it on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you would like to share the photo!

But despite it all win or lose we wouldn’t trade this life farming in for anything!

2016-01-08 09.29.12

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