Don’t Cry Over Broken Egg

That’s a saying right?!?! Ok maybe not but that sums up my day today.

I’ve been running ragged the past week as our farm accountant is coming at the end of the week and I have been busy trying to get everything straight. And on top of that we have a toddler who is a bit under the weather for the past week and unable to go to daycare (she only goes twice a week but it helps me catch up on bills and accounting without someone throwing away or eating the bills or checks). Oh but by looking at her or seeing the mischief she is causing you wouldn’t know she was sick, but if you change her diaper you would know.

This morning started with a call from a telemarketer lying to me and that made my blood boil. And then I was notified that we had two fresh cows and two newborn heifers, which is always great but had us busy along with our normal chores. I came home with one hour to make lunch and ended up putting an empty bowl in the microwave. I should have known then that this wasn’t going to be an easy day.

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After lunch I rushed off to a dentist appointment for a 1:45 p.m. appointment or so I thought. I turned up on time, even early and the receptionist politely said your appointment isn’t for another hour and then squeezed me in! Thank heavens. I am not sure if I messed that up or if they simply gave me the wrong time in my reminder. However, it was fixed easily and I now have clean teeth and no cavities!

I really did think my day was turning around here, I mean I had just read The Pioneer Woman’s story about just wanting a donut and breaking the donut display while sitting at the dentist. My day wasn’t that bad!

So after I ran home to relieve my husband of baby duty, I picked up Nora and decided it was time to finally go order my new stove. Very exciting! I’ve been wanting this for awhile and our stove has become much more unreliable. We decided for Christmas that would be my gift. When did we get old and ask for appliances?!?! On the way to the appliance store we stopped at the bank and then I thought oh I’ll QUICKLY run into the grocery store because I haven’t set foot in a real grocery store in at least a month and half. True story. I typically run to a our local meat market to get milk, cheese, meat and even frozen foods. And I will run into a small grocery store to grab fruits or vegetables, but I freeze and can a lot of veggies.

As soon as I stepped foot inside the store, I realized my mistake as it is 4:45 p.m. and the store was swamped! Look I don’t get to town much and never think about how busy a store would be. I notice a line at the deli counter at least 10 maybe 15 people deep, but I continue through getting the bare necessities so I can cook dinner and lunches for the week and so I can bake cookies. Nora and I are both doing good as we venture through the store.. well Nora is starting to get hungry and cries out for each item we see but I keep on trekking. We near the end and I see the end in site… literally I can see the cash registers and the long lines at each. I am just walking and pushing along through when I catch a man’s reaction who is walking towards us. His reaction is one of complete horror at my child. I look down but it’s too late… Nora had reached over her seat into the cart and swooped up the carton of eggs making the 18 eggs fly throughout my cart. See that guilty hand there… she did it and was quite proud too!


We surprisingly only had four casualties that were broken on top of my groceries. Yummmm! And luckily we were by a trashcan so I could throw away the broken eggs easily. Then I just started to laugh. I mean what else could I do. Well I did have to place the non broken ones all back in the carton and I almost put the carton back to get a new one. But I decided to take those eggs home so I could laugh about the situation each time I use those eggs. All 14 of them. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling for the rest of the venture. There were a lot of angry shoppers surrounding me in the checkout lines that did not have the same shopping experience that I had just had.

The other kicker here is that I haven’t purchased eggs in over 3 years as we have had laying hens but our layers stopped laying about a month ago and I just finished the last of our eggs. So now I am back to buying eggs until we get new layers in the spring. And I’ll be a lot more careful as I grocery shop from now on!

We did wind up at the appliance store and I purchased the stove I’ve been looking at. AND shockingly Nora broke nothing in that store. I even stated that as we walked out and then she threw her pacifier across the store. She had to make a point!

So tonight I am laughing and smiling about my day because I am blessed to have a healthy child who can throw eggs throughout my cart. And I’m certainly not crying over any broken eggs.

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  1. Barbara Rader

    So glad you wrote about your eventful day as later on in years this will bring back many delightful memories as other eventful days will enter into your memory of blogs along the way making this just one of many!! It’s these small simple so called things in life that make you smile every day! I look forward to reading your blogs!!

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