Doctors Appointments vs. Vet Visits

Earlier this week as I waited in the doctor’s office for one of my last prenatal appointments I began to realize just how nice Telegram, cow #120 has it! I may be feeling like I’m the size of the cow but it’s nothing the same! 

While I wait hours to see the doctor she gets visits at the farm from her doctor (aka our veterinarian) and never has to sit in a waiting room.

While I have had countless ultrasounds and am poked and prodded, Telegram had just two visits with the vet to confirm and reconfirm (verify) she was pregnant. 

While I prepare by cooking and freezing meals for our family and canning and freezing produce from our garden for winter, we prepare Telegram’s healthy diet and feed for her and even deliver it to her at her feed bunk. She has to walk just a matter of feet and puts no preparation into her meal. 

While I am cleaning my house and trying to eliminate clutter (it’s not going well), Telegram was put on maternity leave about 6-7 weeks ago and has been resting, relaxing and eating. We clean her and her herdmate’s pen weekly and lay fresh sawdust down for them to enjoy. 

So there I sat 9 months pregnant waiting for my doctor’s appointment, wondering when I will get in to see the doctor and meanwhile dreaming that I was a cow relaxing on the bedded pack of sawdust and just eating, sleeping and lounging waiting on my baby. 

If that doesn’t show how much we care about our cows I am not sure what does! 

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