Day 3 of 30 Days of Thanks

Not every post for 30 Days of Thanks is going to be overly meaningful and this one is one of those.

Today, on November 3rd, I am thankful for an 80 degree day for our cows to enjoy outside, on pasture! Yes, you did not misread that. Today our weather is so nice that I thought for a minute this afternoon that I was dreaming! But I wasn’t! I was grocery shopping and running a few needed errands in a t-shirt. I am sure the cows are equally confused as for morning calf feeding I am certain I was wearing a coat and hat.

Today I am grateful for beautiful weather in November. Before we know it we will be in Carhartt bibs and heavy jackets!


During the month of November I will be blogging with a new thanks each day! Follow along by seeing all the posts under the menu option “Farm Love” and then “30 Days of Thanks.”


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