Day 24 of 30 Days of Thanks

I am going to throw a curve ball and say thanks for smiles and laughter.

Today was a trying day as we were looking at our finances late last night and this morning and realizing that as a dairy farmer we are just trying to stay afloat as milk prices have dwindled. I was also feeling overwhelmed with the holidays approaching and thinking about all our travels plans and how we rely on our employees to help us out so we can go visit my family for at most 36 hours! And then I came home to a house that is never clean and just felt beat down. But at the end of the day you can smile and laugh when your daughter tots over to you to give you kisses, or your husband comes in with a joke about that doctor appointment that you insisted he make and while he wasn’t smiling he was sarcastic and it made me smile in return.

So today I thankful for all the joys that we have that cause smiles and laughter because some days (well most days right now) we just need those!


During the month of November I will be blogging with a new thanks each day! Follow along by seeing all the posts under the menu option “Farm Love” and then “30 Days of Thanks.”

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