Day 23 of 30 Days of Thanks

After a long cold day I am thankful for the medicines and vaccines that we give to our animals to keep them healthy. Today as we welcomed three new heifer calves into our herd, we also were caring for a cow who developed pneumonia. We called the vet in to look at the cow and meanwhile we started caring for THREE calves. Typically we have one to two heifers born per week but three in one day is a lot for us but we will gladly care for them!

We care for the newborns by giving them their first milk from their mother called colostrum, tattoo and tag them for identification, and give them some vaccines to keep them healthy (much like a baby). If you are wondering what the white stuff on their head by their ears is that is dehorning paste which prevents horn growth, making it safer for us to handle the cows later in life.

We follow a vaccine schedule during the animals life to keep all of our animals healthy. If an animal becomes sick we do treat them for their illness and call in the doctor, aka the vet, to diagnose the sickenss and help give us solutions. We love our cows and just want them taken care of in a manner we are proud of.


During the month of November I will be blogging with a new thanks each day! Follow along by seeing all the posts under the menu option “Farm Love” and then “30 Days of Thanks.”


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