Day 21 of 30 Days of Thanks

Today I am thankful that for the land that we care for and the environment that we protect. As stewards of the land we work hard each day to preserve our land for the future and conserve resources.

Some of the ways that we protect our land and waterways are through planting cover crops to prevent soil erosion, utilizing our pastures for our cattle herd, rotating cropland between alfalfa, corn and soybeans, putting up fences around streams to keep the cattle out of the water, and monitoring and recording when and how much manure we apply to our land.

Through these practices we are caring for our land and are doing the best job we can to stewards of the land through conservation, preservation and monitoring of our land and resources.


During the month of November I will be blogging with a new thanks each day! Follow along by seeing all the posts under the menu option “Farm Love” and then “30 Days of Thanks.”


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