Day 19 of 30 Days of Thanks

As dairy farmers, we have a large supply of individuals who support us in running our farm and business. Some of these include our veterinarian, nutritionist, hoof trimmer, artificial insemination technician, milk haulers, custom harvesters, accountant, neighboring farmers and so many other people that I failed to mention! We work with each of these individuals closely to better our farming operation and to provide the best care, food and facilities for our cows!

Today, our veterinarian came to our farm just like he does every other Thursday for a routine Herd Health day where he examines our cows. Most of the cows are being checked for pregnancy checks, but we also examine cows that recently had a baby and cows that may be a little under the weather. Our vet also makes farm calls anytime we have a cow that needs a doctor visit!

Our nutritionist also makes visits to our farm every other week to look at the cows overall health and condition and to look at the quality of feeds we are currently feeding. Our feed can change slightly week by week as we feed out of a feed bunk and at different points in the feed bunk the quality can differ. It can depend on what day we chopped the corn or how well it was packed into the bunk, so we are constantly evaluating and testing our feed.

We can’t forget about the milk hauler who comes and takes our milk to the processing plant daily, yes even on Christmas! We also have another person who comes to our farm daily and that is our artificial insemination technician who breeds our cows each day.

In addition to these gentlemen, we also have our hoof trimmer, custom harvester, accountant and neighboring farmers who we help each and every day!

Thank you to each of you who help us each and everyday be the best farmers we can be!


During the month of November I will be blogging with a new thanks each day! Follow along by seeing all the posts under the menu option “Farm Love” and then “30 Days of Thanks.”

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