Day 12 of 30 Days of Thanks

There is no better feeling than feeling like you are not the only one who lives a chaotic, farm filled, adventurous life. I love being reminded of this when I attend events that are geared towards women in Agriculture.

Last week I was able to take a day away from the farm and attend the Farm Women Rocks event hosted by our local AgChoice Farm Credit. At the conference I was able to catch up with fellow Ag women who farm, work in the industry, and even some who are bloggers. Some of these ladies I knew and most were strangers to me before the meeting. However, once you sit in a room with fellow Ag women you feel like you know each one of them and understand the busy life they also live. You also understand their roles on the farm which vary from wife, cook, care giver, calf feeder, milker, accountant, safety specialist and the list goes on. But each of these ladies and their roles are significant no matter what they do.

So today I am thanking fellow FARM WOMEN for understanding what I go through on a daily basis between balancing a farm, home, employees, husband, child, family and the endless piles of bills and projects. It is these ladies, both those I know, those I feel like I know via social media or blogs, and those that I have never heard of or met before, that inspire me daily to continue to farm and blog.

You ladies truly do ROCK! And I’m sure you don’t get the recognition or thank yous that you ever truly deserve.


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