A Day in our Shoes as Dairy Farmers

June is Dairy month! Now I hope you knew that and have been following along on my #30daysofdairy recipe challenge where I have been blogging each day with a new recipe for you to enjoy. Yes I really did make each of these recipes during the month of June.

In honor of June is Dairy month I am blogging today along with other dairymen and dairy women about our typical day in the life of a farmer! You can read about their days at the end of this post. 
While all farmers have one common thread of being hardworking, each and every farmer has a different life or day and even for the same farmer it’s never the same! For Clayton and I, we each have different schedules each day, different chores on top of that, and different step counts each day. I’m going to give you a look at each of our days through our steps via a Fitbit. This idea came up from fellow bloggers Guernsey Dairy Mama and we are calling it #MilkSteps.

Now keep in mind none of our days are ever the same so this isn’t an accurate count of every single day, some days I probably walk a bare 5,000 steps due to more office work than others!


Clayton: June 9th

  • 175 steps before he leaves the house: Heads to the barn and first makes sure everything is running smoothly so far at the barn for morning chores. Some mornings he needs to fix equipment that broke the day before or look at the milk equipment that might be giving the milkers fits in the am.
  • 1,423 steps: Mix up calf replacer to feed to our calves. Goes and feeds milk, water and grain to all of our calves. Currently we are only feeding 10 milk bottles and have about 20 that require water and grain. We have another 30 in the calf coverall that require grain, they have automatic waterers in the calf barn.
  • 2,903 steps: By the end of calf feeding
  • 3,575 steps: He then checks in with our two full-time employees to check with them about the day on-hand and that’s when things can go 1 million directions.
  • 5,025 steps: Today he will planting our corn, but somedays he is mixing feed, fixing equipment, running to get equipment parts, working with the veterinarian for Herd Health Day or to look at a cow, or maybe we are just ona wild goose chase making our way through the day.
  • 6,534 steps: We break for lunch and enjoy 30 minutes of food, conversation and updates on what’s happening at the farm.
  • 7,856 steps: Then it’s back to the grind and today it was planting corn so back in the tractor he went. I was impressed that the Fitbit still picked up steps but he was getting in and out of the tractor, filling the seed and fertilizer so it should take some steps into accurate.
  • 9,345 steps: He breaks for a quick break before diving into evening milking. Most evenings Clayton milks, this day he did milk and removed the band to charge it and forgot to put it back on midway through milking!
  • 15,597 steps: By day end he had over 15,000 steps without counting the entire milking and riding in a tractor! 

IMG_7079 MilkingParlor


Renée: June 14th

  • Let’s be honest I’m a busy women – pregnant and forgetful. I forgot to put the Fitbit on first thing in the morning while picking up the house, putting away dishes, doing laundry and caring for our daughter.
  • 0 steps: Before heading out the door to feed calves. Opps!
  • 2,636 steps: By the time Clayton and I completed calf feeding. That includes mixing milk replacer, graining and watering calves, and chasing after Nora as she “feeds” calves.
  • 3,153 steps: Chase after Nora some more, work on farm bills and accounting for a little bit. Walk through heifers to check on their feed and overall health and for Nora to feed them a snack.
  • 5,043 steps: Prep lunch and get it on the table and break for lunch for about 30 minutes.
  • 6,544 steps: Work on office work while Nora naps. This is a combination of my new job and some other graphic design I work on each week.
  • 7,238 steps: Head back to barn to see what other tasks need done. I helped with re-watering and graining calves and did other random jobs.
  • 7,856 steps: Work in the yard and garden for a bit.
  • 9,012 steps: Finally head to bed after just another busy day and after doing more laundry and dishes!

IMG_5889 IMG_7102

 Like I said, we certainly don’t ever have the same day. Some days are busy, some days are busier and some days are busiest! These were a mix between those for Clayton and I!


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  1. That’s a lot of steps! I would enjoy tracking mine if I had a fit it! I like your description of farm life…sometimes busy, busier and busiest!

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