5 Wishes I Have for Our Little Farm Girl

As a farm kid myself and a girl at that, I feel like there are a few things I hope to teach my daughter. This week was not only International Women’s Day but today is our little girls very own 18 month birthday! I know that birthday means nothing expect that she is getting older and I have to work harder each day to support her and build her confidence already!

  1. You can be whoever you want to be. A farmer, a teacher, a vet or even a cat hoarder. As long as you are happy that’s the only thing we will ever care about.
  2. You don’t have to be male to be a farmer. Each and everyday your mother farms alongside of your father and I hope I am able to continue to do that forever. You will have people who doubt you, but like all the other women who farm out there you can too!
  3. I hope you learn to truly love and care for the cattle, chickens, cats, dogs and every other animal that calls our farm home, along with the land. I wish that you always respect and love agriculture as a whole and that you take a stand for agriculture like your father and I do.
  4. I hope you learn why we work so hard each day and that you too appreciate the long, tiring days. Even though our life may seem like more work than play, I hope we show you the joy in our days and how much we enjoy the hard work!
  5. We also hope that you always know that you alone as yourself will always be enough! Your mother has always had self doubts and I promise to strive to not pass that onto you. I hope you know that you alone are perfect and can do anything you set your mind to! You alone are truly enough! And to us you are our everything!


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