30 of “My Favorite Things”

Well today is my 30th birthday! Yes I really am 30! I thought in honor of my 30th birthday I would share 30 of my favorite people, foods and things! I know it should literally be 30 of my favorite things but these people are worth more than “things” to me! And in no particular order!

Yes when I say “My Favorite Things” you should be singing The Sound of Music song in your head!

  1. Our daughter, Nora. Our first-born, wild child. And all that hair she has, dirt she plays in, dirty diapers she gives me, smiles she causes, baths she loves and laughs, lots of laughs that come with her!
  2. This baby in my belly. I love this child so much and we haven’t even meet it!
  3. My husband. He can make me laugh when I need a good laugh and he’s the complete opposite of me. He’s my partner in life, on this farm, as a co-parent and so much more!
  4. Our farm. I love the farm that my husband and I call home. I love the land and all that comes with it.
  5. My cows. Who doesn’t love cows? Ok maybe not everyone but I love my cows, your cows, everyone’s cows!
  6. My dad. I’m a big daddy’s girl! My father and I are very close.
  7. My mom. She’s pretty incredible. She’s the most caring and selfless person I know.
  8. The farm I grew up on. This is where I developed my love of agriculture and do to that I will always love and respect the farm where it all began.
  9. Cheese. Yesterday I ordered a salad while at lunch and there was no cheese. I asked for cheese, who eats food without cheese. Wait I know a few people and they are still ok people so I guess some people don’t like cheese. But I love cheese, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, anything with cheese!
  10. Cookies. Homemade cookies. Christmas cookies. Any cookie will do.
  11. My sister. Not gonna lie she’s my best friend!
  12. My brother. Who else leaves me messages or calls me by singing. (Well I can think of one other person but he’s been doing it for longer.)
  13. Chocolate!!!!! This pregnant lady might eat anything with chocolate right about now.
  14. Emory the dog who has taught me I can love a dog. The dog that sleeps on my side of the bed, leave hair all over the house and is a pain in my butt! I still love you Emory!
  15. Gardening. I love growing food in our garden that we can then eat fresh during the summer or preserve and freeze for the non-growing season.
  16. Friends. They are incredible and love me for who I am!
  17. Photographs to capture special details in our life.
  18. My Kitchen Aid mixer for all the baking and cooking I do!
  19. Pizza, calzones, strombolis! Oh my!
  20. Design and the ability to be creative. I love challenging this side of myself.
  21. Waffle Fries. Either Chick-fil-a or a local bars will do! I am not picky!
  22. Jimmy Johns, really any good sub will do. (And by good I mean has to have good bread and the right amount of meat, cheese and veggie ratio. And yes I know this is not on my approved pregnant foods. That’s why I am thinking about it!)
  23. A newborn calf! There is nothing better than seeing new life!
  24. Sunshine! The sight of the sun can make any day instantly better!
  25. My nephews! These four spitfires keep me laughing with their stories and antics each day.
  26. My family. My in-laws. That’s every last one of them. All 150+ members. I love my large extended family and my family via marriage!
  27. A caramel latte. Again I know I shouldn’t drink caffeine but I do enjoy a splurge every once in awhile.
  28. Popcorn! I love fresh popped popcorn with real butter. No better evening snack to me!
  29. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. No really, we all love ice cream don’t we? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup would be my favorite.
  30. GOD. Our creator, the Lord blesses me with each of these “favorite things.”

Those are just a few of my favorite things and being pregnant food is clouding my judgement a lot lately!

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